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Mayshad Woman Manifesto

Nezha Alaoui - Mayshad Woman Mag

Nezha Alaoui @mayshadwoman
Editor in Chief 

A Mayshad Woman is an unknown woman that we recognize and want to be like.

Everything soars around her, and nothing is as vibrant as her grace.

Whether in a sophisticated setting or in the simplicity of nature, she holds in her hands a magic wand; she is the passport to  her own happiness.

Everything she expresses carries us forward and cradles us at the same time. She reassures us by her confidence and touches us by her care.
Deeply attached to her own native rituals, a Mayshad Woman is equally inspired by other cultures. She is adventuresome in good taste and welcomes new trends into her timeless lifestyle.
In the flow of her intuitive choices and her luminous sensitivity, a Mayshad Woman can transform the spirit and destiny of those she encounters.

The discreet mélange of accomplishment and simplicity, of passion and compassion, creates in her a nimble poetry of expression and an undeniable charisma, of which we long to learn the secret.

Text by Nezha Alaoui, inspired by Louise de Vilmorin’s essay “Defense of Elegance” in her book Objets-chimères.